Top New Casinos with best rating
Our rating
7.83 / 10
1st Deposit bonus: 250% up to 2500 Dollar + 40 Free Spins.
- Wager requirement: 30x
Our rating
7.83 / 10
1st Deposit bonus: 200% up to €2000 + 50 Extra Spins
- Wager requirement: 30x
Our rating
8.5 / 10
1st Deposit bonus: Up to 50 Bonus Spins after your 1st deposit
- No wager requirement
Our rating
8.83 / 10
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 Free Spins.
- Wager requirement: 35x
Latest Casino Bonus News
Some of the annoying problems from the latest bonuses comes from more or less hidden rules, complicated rules and high wager conditions. That's why we at New Casinos Online work hard to make it worthwhile signing up for a new site. Our goals is to provide exclusive bonuses with better conditions for everyone looking for another alternative.

Top 10 New Casinos
1st Deposit bonus: 250% up to 2500 Dollar + 40 Free Spins.- Wager requirement: 30x
200+ games
7.83 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 200% up to €2000 + 50 Extra Spins- Wager requirement: 30x
1200+ games
7.83 rating
1st Deposit bonus: Up to 50 Bonus Spins after your 1st deposit
1500+ games
8.5 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 Free Spins.- Wager requirement: 35x
1700+ games
8.83 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €333 + 33 Extra Spins- Wager requirement: 35x
3500+ games
9.33 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 300% up to €2000 (30x)+ 30 free spins with no wagering.
2000+ games
9.08 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 200% up to €1000 (50x wager) and 1 free spins per day.- Wager requirement: 21x
1200+ games
9.17 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 10% cashback grab it!
800+ games
8.33 rating
1st Deposit bonus: 100% match bonus up to 150 EUR/GBP + 10 free spins with zero wagering.- Wager requirement: 50x
500+ games
9.17 rating
1st Deposit bonus: Grab Rewarding Bonus Spin on the Mega Reel.- Wager requirement: 65x
1200+ games
8 rating
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Why choose a New Online Casino?

If you are up for a treat, then try something complete. Don't just look for the latest online casinos, try some the best as well. The long-term vision and exceptional screening process ensure that the worst new online casinos are never even shown here! Many mature players understood that New Casinos Online and the founders background safeguard it will become the most sophisticated, purpose built site for new casino lovers. We'll also guarantee to work 24/7 in order to get out reviews before other sites. So join the wise visitors and come back often to find the latest, first of all. It's all genuine editorial content reviewed, where no big organisation is behind and forcing us to put up some paid placements for dated sites. All listings are based on impartial ratings and how much our customers appreciate each new casino site.

Do you prefer getting free spins on Starburst for new casinos or is The Mystery of Eldorado from Endorphina a favourite?

Released on 6 December 2019
Available at 65 reviewed casinos.
Released on 1 June 2016
Available at 4 reviewed casinos.
Released on 12 July 2014
Available at 29 reviewed casinos.
Released on 11 December 2017
Available at 17 reviewed casinos.

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Frequently Asked Questions by players

- FAQ: What players want to know
- Does new casinos with support for Paypal exist?
- Are new online casinos with no deposit bonuses really worth it?
- What about free spins on new casinos?
- Which countries are covered?
- What is New Casinos Online looking for in new brands?
- Do you sort new casinos by release month?
- What's your favourite payment method on new casino sites?
- Where to find new casinos with free games?
- Are any new online casinos excluded?
- Who can get a registration bonus for new casinos?
- Are any new casinos online rigged?
- Can you be banned from new online casinos?
- Are there any new Microgaming casinos around?
- What new casinos are coming to Las Vegas?
- What new casinos are coming to Macau?



Please find an overview of the most frequently asked questions to our team.

Does new casinos with support for Paypal exist?

Yes, but PayPal’s reputation and rigorous safety measurements only allow integrations with new online casinos in some regulated markets. Currently, you can use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals on new casinos online in the UK, and sometimes in Denmark and Italy. However, the latter two are rare, while UK got lots of options here. See a top list of new PayPal casinos here.

Are new online casinos with no deposit bonuses really worth it?

Rarely, we can honestly say. The first reason behind this include that new casinos online are created to make a profit, just like any business, online or land based. A no deposit bonus is simply a way for new casinos to get new potential customers, but it's very costly. But giving out free bonuses after registration is something that mostly attract low value players, only looking for a “free lunch”. In reality, there are often maximum winnings allowed from no deposit bonuses at new casinos, usually ranging from €20 to €100 euros. Further, any free bonus usually comes with high wagering conditions and sometimes even deposit requirements in order for players to not abuse the system. There might also be time limits, such as 24 hours a bonus will be valid. You are likely to spend more time getting frustrated with no deposit bonuses rather than making money from it. Make a deposit with real money on a new casino if you are in it to win it. The chances and odds are considerably better that way. Warning: If you done anything to abuse the new casino site, such as multiple registrations or any other unethical behaviour, they will likely ban you for life. It’s not worth your time. Find great new sites here instead and make deposits on the ones you really enjoy.

What about free spins on new casinos?

Most new casinos online give out free spins or bonus spins, it’s a matter about how many you would like to have. Looking for 20+, 50+, 100+ or 200+ bonus spins? We got many recently launched websites with such offers. According to British regulations, “free spins” are something you get for free without any deposit, while “bonus spins” are given out on top of a deposit as an extra reward. In order to make the formulations more understandable for all groups of people, regardless where in the world you live, that’s how we also will call it here. Normally, bonus spins are more likely to come with higher spin value compared to no deposit free spin bonuses that’s usually more or less worthless. Yes, you read that right. On land based new casinos, there are never any free spins or bonus spins on the gaming floor. So, in general, we should be happy to be able to get better bonuses from home than on the gaming floor in Vegas, Macau or London. Also, the average online slots have at least 90% winnings ratio in average, compared to less than 70% on most slots on land-based casinos. So, guess where we prefer to play?

Which countries are covered?

New online casinos from over 20 countries are covered, including but not limited to, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Canada just to name a few. For a full top list of various countries, go here. However, we showcase relevant new casinos online from your own country on all pages, unless you select another country from the top lists yourself.

What is New Casinos Online looking for in new brands?

We follow a strict review process for new casinos, where everything you could ask for is covered. All new online casinos are reviewed by native, long term players in a reliable, objective and simply way for you to understand it all. See how the review process works here.

Do you sort new casinos by release month?

Yes, you can clearly see which months new casino sites are launched by clicking on for instance December 2019, January 2020 or February 2020. On the overview page about new casinos 2020, you’ll also find upcoming sites to be released in the near future. On the tab about new casinos 2018 you’ll find a bit more dated sites that’s still fairly new.

Who are New Casinos Limited?

It’s the company behind They were earlier part of major English, Norwegian and Swedish site(s ) in this niche, but sold them off. Now, the team behind New Casinos Online are keen to improve what the sector has been lacking in quality, speed and accuracy. New Casinos Ltd will be first showing new online casinos, be rest assured. By not being in a huge corporate structure, we are able to release new casino reviews in the middle of the night if needed, while competitors might take a few days to go live.

What's your favourite payment method on new casino sites?

Every one of us got their own little unique payment solution. Here, you can learn more about what’s similar and different about various methods. You can also find out how quick transactions are made, if certain methods are secure and if it can be used anonymously. While some might argue that traditional bank transfers are the safest for deposits into new online casinos, others rather use PayPal or even Pay By Phone for the convenience. Many e-wallets with apps are the top choice for savy new casino enthusiasts, such as Much Better, Skrill, Neteller, Zimpler or PaySafe Card. Others are rather obsessed with cryptocurrencies and prefer making their deposits or withdrawals in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or even Litecoin. Regardless of what you prefer, there are endless of possibilities for payments into or from new casinos today. Still, VISA and Mastercard still stands for above 70% of all deposits in many European markets, while Interac is the most used method in Canada.

Where to find new casinos with free games?

Looking to try out some new online slots in trial mode before your first deposit? Check out games such as Starburst or Mega Fortune Dreams from Scandinavian NetEnt. Alternatively, discover Legend of Nile from Betsoft or Immortal Romance created by Microgaming. We work hard for these games to be included on our site so you can try them for free. No strings attached. If you like the game, simply sign up. If not, try other slots before eventually finding the optimal casino game for your entertainment.

Are any new online casinos excluded?

We have a couple of rules that we follow firmly. First of all, any new online casinos to be considered cannot be on the warning list. That is very likely one of the worst red flags you can ever see. Further, any site listed at must be licensed, so all unlicensed operators out there will not be considered. Only showing accredited new casinos is one of your best guarantees for experiencing fair business practices, even if you never can be 100% sure. We recognize licenses from Malta, United Kingdom and Curacao. Gibraltar licensed new casinos are usually not to be trusted, but please let us know if you find any exception. Other reasons for new online casinos to be excluded can be due to current downtime of the website, new owners that we haven’t verified yet, companies that have proven to be dodgy over time (will also be on the warning list) or simply too slow sites with too little on offer or sites new online casinos with unreasonable wagering requirements (over 50x).

Who can get a registration bonus for new casinos?

A handful of new casinos online offer a bonus after registration. It’s a way to attract new players. So for starters, all players that already have one registration from the same "address", will not be accepted. Registration bonuses are a way to test out a new site without any monetary commitment. If you like it, just sign up. If not, find another new casino. The truth is that most new online casinos prefer to spend money on their “real” or "depositing" customers, by giving them better rewards and so on. They can easily give out bonuses on slots that’s hard to win for non-committed players, but it will be at a huge monthly loss for them. Every free spin cost them money. That’s why at least 90% of all new licensed online casinos rather have a deposit bonus instead of a registration bonus. It will cost them less and lead to more genuine players to give out a better deposit bonus instead.

Are any new casinos online rigged?

Yes, we have found a few very dishonest partners, but they are now on the warning list for one reason or another. We never show any rigged new casinos here, being enthusiastic players ourselves and strongly against misconducts from any site. But why may you have been cheated before? Well, some new casinos online may simply not have a license, which is the biggest warning flag of all. If you don’t clearly see a license number in the bottom of a new casino site, avoid it. Further, we have found a few game providers not being optimal and that’s why we’re about to write an extended post about it within short. However, only Malta and UK-licensed game developers are listed on our site since that is the two main, and the strictest jurisdictions for online gaming. The very few new casino sites that's simply in it to cheat players, often use scantily clad women or unreasonable bonuses to lure in players. Not that it's any kind of guarantee for misconduct, but it's something we noticed. Also, if the bonus looks too good to be true on any new site, then be warned. It might be rigged, or some cheating might be going on. We’re here to protect your back and only showcase fair and honest new casinos online. After over 40 years in the industry, we can spot a fake new casino from a genuine one rather quick.

Can you be banned from new online casinos?

Yes, you certainly can. We have experienced it ourselves and do hear from many customers about recent exclusions. One reason is because you try to abuse a bonus, while other players are shut out for providing the same adress on two registrations. A common bonus abuse strategy that doesn't work include players betting to high stakes on each spin, while most sites have a maximum bet policy of €5 for any bonus. Using of any software to enhance odds of gameplay is another form that is usually prohibited rather quick. However, it’s more common to be banned for card counting from land-based casinos than websites online. It usually takes a couple of hours before they can detect you online, while they are actually able to even quicker detect any card counting or cheating offline. However, every new casino hates a bonus abuser and they will rightly do they best to shut them off quickly.

Are there any new Microgaming casinos around?

Yes, plenty of them. We have our own sub-page for everyone looking for new online casinos with deposit bonuses on Microgaming slots. Check out the top list here.

What new casinos are coming to Las Vegas?

We know of four new casinos coming to Vegas in 2020 or 2021. But are you aware that the odds-on land-based casino slots are way lower than online? It’s simply different casino developers that are giving more of the cut to the land-based operations, which have way larger overhead costs. However, if you still insist going to Vegas, have fun and visit Resorts World Vegas that’s launching in 2021. Three other great casinos launching in 2020 include Circa Resort and The Drew Las Vegas, while The Stratosphere is about to Become The Strat Hotel, Casino and Skypod instead. In the end of 2019, Hard Rock in Vegas changed name to Virgin Hotel Las Vegas.

What new casinos are coming to Macau?

Grand Lisboa Palace is the newest land-based casino in Macau, expected to go live in the August 2020. Their name is taking inspiration from its former colonial power, Portugal. Today, there are still over 1000 palaces in Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in Europe. SJM Holdings Limited, the company behind Grand Lisboa Palace, is expected to have spent around US$5 billion to complete the most awaited new brand in Macau since Wynn Palace Macau opened in in August 2016.

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How to find the right new casinos?

There can be many reasons to look out for a new online casino. One common motive may be that you are trying to find a new brand with better game developers. While some swear by Microgaming or IGT, while others rather play at new NetEnt casinos. There are also many smaller and more graphically focused studio such as Just for the Win or Thunderkick that many visitors enjoy. Many players are into specific bonuses, such and might be looking for new cashback casinos or those with a fair bonus after deposit. Countless new casino players look for no deposit bonuses, while in reality it’s not a profitable strategy. Why? It's dead hard to win real money there.

Most satisfied new online casino players find a site with a rather high match bonus that also got a fair share of free spins on top. That way, it’s possible to get some real action in your online slots.
Other motives for finding new casinos can be to discover an unfamiliar, exciting and truly unique experience. The newest online casino sites usually have a more modern approach, with faster loading websites, added games and endless of deposit options to get started. NCO - 1st with the new casinos onlineWhich leads us into another reason to play for real money; you might have some money left on the PayPal balance, your PaySafe Card, Skrill or Neteller. That way, you get some free spins and a fun afternoon or evening where it’s possible to get some big wins if you happen to be really lucky. If you are looking to find the right new site, you should make sure to visit frequently.

The team got long experience in this niche and are usually first to release review of new casino brands, all based on a scientific review process.

Where are the latest casinos heading?

In order to stay up to date about what's happening, visit frequently. We are first with the newest brands such as Casoola, but also give out exclusive bonuses and showcase the hottest options right now. Can you afford to not come back a few times a week? We don't think that would be a wise idea.