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Eu Teller logoEU Teller has become one of the preferred payment methods when it comes to online transactions in Finland. As a result, this payment method is particularly popular among new online casino players. The ability to transfer funds in seconds makes the method the best for anyone who wants an efficient payment method. EU Teller also has a reputation of being one of the most secure online payment methods, and this makes it a useful tool for online transactions at a time when e-payments are gaining popularity globally. Users of this payment solution are even able to load their credit and debit cards if they have accounts with Finnish banks, thus enhancing their flexibility. Find a top list of the best new EU Teller casinos below.

NOTE: Since there are no casinos in this toplist, allowing players from United States, we recommend you to check out Chilli Casino that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos.

4 New casinos supporting EU Teller

50 free spins on 1st deposit, with no wagering requirements at all!
1st Deposit bonus: 50 Free spins with No Wagering on 1st deposit.
Launched on:
Monday November 18, 2019

500+ games
9.17 rating

One of the best new online casinos on the strip!
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 100 eur + 100 free spins
Launched on:
Monday January 6, 2020

1000+ games
9 rating

Give me a C, Give me a A… Here, we have the hottest and only new robot-themed casino 2020!
1st Deposit bonus: 1500 EUR or GBP + 200 free spins.
Launched on:
Friday February 7, 2020

1300+ games
9.5 rating

Her majesty invites you to her newest online casino, QueenPlay, where all the royals go after high tea.
1st Deposit bonus: 200 GBP / EUR bonus + 100 free spins on Starburst.
Launched on:
Tuesday February 4, 2020

1500+ games
9.17 rating
NOTE: There are no casinos available in United States on this toplist. We therefore recommend you to check out Chilli Casino that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos instead.

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How quick is it to deposit?

Depositing with EU Teller is exceptionally quick; you only need to log in into your mobile app or visit their website. From there, you will choose the amount that you want to deposit before entering your PIN. After PIN verification, the amount will be deposited in seconds. In addition to being quick, this payment method also allows instant payments. The system deducts the amount from your bank account automatically and credits it to your casino account. This allows you to continue enjoying your online gaming conveniently.

Is EU Teller secure?

One of the major features of this payment solution is its security. With it, casino players can make payments online without having to disclose their personal information. Payments through the platform are done through its secure gateway while SSL encryptions are meant to protect each user’s private data.

Can EU Teller be used anonymously on new casinos?

Yes, it can. The payment method has become a preferred payment method for people who enjoy online gaming, a factor attributable to its capacity to ensure the security and anonymity of payments. This makes it one of the safest and most convenient payment options for new casino players online.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, there is an age limit set for people looking to create an account and use the payment method. In the European Union, for instance, the age requirement is at least 18 years, which means that one has to be an adult to create an account.

5 Common reasons why my EU Teller is declined

Some people often wonder if there are instances when a payment through this method could be declined. If you are among such people, it is imperative to note that certain circumstances might result in payments through EUTeller being rejected. Such scenarios include:
5 ReasonsAddress given is incorrect: If you enter a wrong address when making a payment through the system, the transaction will be rejected because it would be impossible to identify the receiver of the payment.
No sufficient balance to complete the requested transaction: To make a successful transaction, your account must have adequate money. If you try making a payment and your balance is insufficient, the transaction will be rejected instantly.
The transaction is considered unusual: Some unusual transactions might be flagged as suspicious, an such payments will be rejected by the system.
When the cvv is wrong: The system automatically rejects such payments.
KYC documentation needed: After playing for over €2000, the regulation in Europe usually force new casinos online to do a KYC checkup, where you are asked to send in a photocopy of your ID or passport, together with a verification of your address. Unless this has been done after depositing above €2k, you are not likely to play anymore before verification is completed.

What is the difference from other payment methods for new online casinos?

EUTeller is not your ordinary payment solution. It has an edge over other available solutions in the market in different ways. Some of the factors that make this payment solution unique include:
Customers have access to reliable customer support system: Users can use the support email to raise their concerns and receive feedback within 24 hours.
EU Teller’s mobile application is efficient and convenient: Unlike other payment options that require one to make online payments by visiting a website, this system allows customers to download a mobile app and make transactions conveniently.
It allows you to make anonymous online payments: If you want a payment solution that allows you to complete payments without disclosing your data, you should try EUTeller. It makes your online payments anonymous and secure.Green, positive arrow

What are the main pros with EU Teller?

The payment solution is licensed and regulated by the Finnish Financial Authorities. This gives users the assurance that they are dealing with a legit service provider and their finances and personal data is secure.
It allows users to complete anonymous transactions online. If you want to make online payments while protecting your identity, then this is the payment solution for you. Anonymity is made possible through the mobile application.
The system allows users with Finnish bank accounts to use the service readily without undergoing account registration.Red, negative arrow

What are the main cons of using EU Teller?

Some of the limitations of using this payment solution include:
Users have to pay a transaction fee for using the service.
It is only available for people with accounts at their Finnish bank partners. This means that its current usage is limited to people with bank accounts at specific Finnish banks.
Currently, EU Teller does not allow withdrawals, and this makes it a deposit payment solution.

How do I get a EU Teller?

To use this payment solution, you need to have an active bank account at a Finnish bank that works in collaboration with this payment solution. The banks are OP Bank, Sampo Bank (now Danske Bank), Aktia, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken, S-Bank (not in English), Tapiola (only Swedish and Finnish) and Pohjola (Finnish and Swedish only). You also have to register with EUTeller and link your account with it. After that, you will be required to use your sign in details to access your account and complete transactions.
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