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Why Use Much Better for New Casinos Online?

For new casinos, there are many modes of payment for cash transactions during gaming exercise, where it’s only allowed for adults above eighteen years old. Much better is one of them, and it has taken over the gaming payment due to its services that render it much better for use than other payment methods. It has dominated the gaming session since it’s available for use to all merchants, even android machine users. It’s security, and speedy money transfer process has also contributed to making it the best. Besides, it offers incentives to its users, and it’s available for use in the much better debit card and ultracool wearable devices.
NOTE: Since there are no casinos in this toplist, allowing players from United States, we recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos.

13 New casinos supporting Much Better

1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 Free Spins.
Launched on:
Monday August 28, 2017

1700+ games
8.83 rating

Cashback on every spin, all the time. Lovely site worth trying!
1st Deposit bonus: Lifetime cashback on every spin, always.
Launched on:
Monday May 6, 2019

1200+ games
9.33 rating

Piggy Bang gives out cashback on every spins, regardless if you win or loose. Beat that!
1st Deposit bonus: Cashback on every bet, won or lost. No limits. 110 free spins without wager with €55 deposit.
Launched on:
Saturday July 20, 2019

1900+ games
9.33 rating

Feel like a millennial. Join the new casino called Generation VIP and get treated with respect, every time!
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 200 EUR + 100 free spins.
Launched on:
Saturday November 30, 2019

13 game(s)
9.33 rating

A great combination of big bonuses, wide range of games and payment options.
1st Deposit bonus: 100 % bonus up to €200 + 30 free spins on Book of Dead.
Launched on:
Friday December 20, 2019

1000+ games
9.17 rating

15% weekly cashback up to €3000 plus lots of other bonuses.
1st Deposit bonus: 15% cashback up to €3000 a week.
Launched on:
Tuesday January 15, 2019

3000+ games
9.5 rating

One of the best new online casinos on the strip!
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 100 eur + 100 free spins
Launched on:
Monday January 6, 2020

1000+ games
9 rating

Double your money, or get it back. Valid for up to €40.
1st Deposit bonus: Double €40 or get your money back.
Launched on:
Monday July 1, 2019

1200+ games
9.17 rating

A truly unique new online casino for Japan lovers speaking English or Japanese.
1st Deposit bonus: Frequent players get all bonuses and they are amazing!
Launched on:
Thursday October 24, 2019

1400+ games
9 rating

Give me a C, Give me a A… Here, we have the hottest and only new robot-themed casino 2020!
1st Deposit bonus: 1500 EUR or GBP + 200 free spins.
Launched on:
Friday February 7, 2020

1300+ games
9.5 rating

A Pay N Play casino with Trustly payments, enabling instant payments. Amazing game library.
1st Deposit bonus: A great loyalty program for recurring players.
Launched on:
Wednesday December 4, 2019

1200+ games
9.17 rating

Explore a Mexican themed new casino today, if you are ready to play?
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 200 EUR + 25 free spins.
Launched on:
Friday February 21, 2020

1100+ games
8.17 rating

A lovely new Japanese cat themed casino is here with a meow.

1200+ games
9 rating
NOTE: There are no casinos available in United States on this toplist. We therefore recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos instead.

Benefits of Much Better

How do Much Better compare with other E-wallets? Actually, Much better have improved methods of protecting user’s data by the use of security protection codes, device team up, and touch ID to ensure the right transaction is complete. It contains API, which provides wallet intuitions to its users and prevents fraudsters. Also, it can offer a multi mechanism of payment and low-price during the payment process, which has drawn many gamblers to use it for their transaction. Also, it provides high security for gamblers’ money since it uses the computerized biometrical basics of verification. Besides, much better is available to all online vendors and offers unlimited incentives to them when using it during money transfer. These incentives make it better to use than other methods of payment. Also, much better has a unique pricing structure where its API is simple to incorporate with your payment page and instinctive. However, much better accounts offer both online and offline payments, prepaid payment cards, and I-click, which make it much better to use for new online casinos for gaming activities. Much better is available on mobile apps; hence everyone in their diverse environment can make payments.

Making Deposits to the Casino Using a Much Better Account

Making money deposit using much better is instant, free, and reliable using credit cards while other payment methods will incur different charges like cash to code will charge 5.5%. You need to know whether it’s available on the casino you are using in gaming first, then login to the mobile e-wallet, fill the necessary details, and make your payments. Immediately after the payment, cash will be accessible in the platform for gaming practices. However, the cash withdrawing process takes three business days since, after the withdrawing, the casino has to verify, and finally, e-wallet will transfer the cash to your bank accounts. Withdrawal charge rates will depend on the amount of money that you are withdrawing. Positive arrow

Pros of Much Better

  Much better is the best payment method in casino gaming with certification by bodies governing gaming activities and finance gaming authority. Also, it’s improved by verification codes that sent to the gamblers for confirmation of the transaction processes.
Program Assimilation
E-wallet gives room for integration of other payment platforms and offers rewards to online vendors using it.
Extensive Use
Much better is available to all online gamblers worldwide who wish to use it in their casino payments.
Affluence of Usage
E-wallet is easy to use and accessible on android machines making its usage diverse all over the globe.
Red, negative arrow

Cons with Much Better

Transaction Speediness
The payment transaction is instant. However, money or gift cash out may take some time due to different verifications for security purposes.
Strictness to Instruction
A small mistake while entering your data will cause rejection of your transaction.
Must have Much Better Debit Card
Without this card, you can’t have any access to much better service on online casinos.

A few Common Reasons for Payment Declined

The use of a much better method of money transfer has improved its service and monitors all the transaction, and sometimes your transaction can be declined due to security purposes guarding their merchants. Below is a list of several reasons that may contribute to failure during payments.

International Money Transfers
If your card doesn’t allow international money transfer may cause payment decline in an attempt to make a foreign transaction. In cases of money transfer abroad, you need to be aware of whether your card allows international charges before the operation. If it doesn’t recognize, contact your bank for a change of card or supply another card for the service.

Extent Charge than that Given for the Single Transaction
Check on your payment card the amount of charge that can reach in the one time since the higher deal that is beyond your charge limit may cause payment decline. If you have to make a higher transaction than your limit, ask your bank to raise your limits.

Using the Wrong Credit Card Number in the Payment
Kindly before undertaking any transaction, confirm your card number to avoid entering an invalid number, which will cause payment decline.

Card not Accepting Charges from an Online Source
While making payment from an online source, ensure your card agrees with those charges and if it rejects seek assistance from your banking source for necessary changes or offer another card that is taking online costs.

Insufficient Funds in your Card
For every transaction, you need to make, ensure your card has enough cash for the transfer and even transaction cost. Any attempt to make payment with much better having insufficient money in your card, you will receive a decline text inquiring you to top up your account.

Conclusion of Much Better

In conclusion, much better for new casinos online is a credible payment method that has been approved and vetted for use in gaming activities. Its availability motivates many gamblers to play and earn cash through different offers that you receive while using it. Its rendered as the best since it offers better gaming services compared to other e-wallets. Also, it provides high security and charges are low compared to other payment methods.
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