Today, New Casinos Online got the pleasure to interview part of the team behind Pelataan, one of the newest sites from February, 2020. You want to know what’s special about new casinos in Scandinavia and Finland? Here, we try to find out by asking a couple of hard questions, such as if players accept that they don’t have a bonus. The interview with Pelataan cover 12 various types of questions to Axel & Oliver, two of the characters behind this new “mainly” Finnish casino. They have quickly and frankly replied to all questions given to them about the amazing new site that you will learn more about below.

What is your trick to always get so amazing web design for all new casino sites?

Pelataan looks so peaceful and Finnish it can be. 
Please explain to the audience of New Casinos Online what you guys done..

Axel replies: We put very much dedication to our design along with making it fast, responsive and easy to navigate. The staff have different backgrounds in the iGaming industry, and we let everybody have an opinion about the site before launch. We let our Scandinavian team have the final saying as they know what our players in Finland prefers. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we are happy to hear the positive feedback from all our players.

How has the first few weeks been for Palataan?

Axel says: Amazing! It’s a fairytale we hopefully can continue with. What’s fun to see is the response we are receiving and the returning players. It’s been a hit!

New Casinos Online says: Wow, glad to hear. I guess people are always attracted to attractive new casinos that do more or less everything right..

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Does it work well with only Trustly & Pay N Play?

Also: Do you wish there were more payment methods? Are you getting many support queries about payments at Palataan?

Oliver replies: We would love to have as many options for our players as possible but due to Pelataan being a pay and play brand, we do not have that option as we want the withdrawals to be within 5 minutes. 

I’m surprised a brand new casino manage to get almost 50 software providers implemented at one.
 Again, how do you manage?

Axel quickly says: We have a strong relationship with the software providers where we are first in line on getting the newest games. We only handpick the best providers we know have a good reputation and a solid RNG (Real Number Generator) so the players can feel secure in the game choice – No matter which software provider they choose. We also have our platform provider White Hat Gaming to thank for much of their efforts in creating the relationships with so many providers. 

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Enter a world of calm. Get started with Pelataan in seconds!

NOTE: Pelataan does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best new casinos that does allow players from United States.

Paletaan's Best Online Slots

Paleetan or “Let’s play” is the name of the new casino site. What do most people actually play at Paleetan?

Finnish people love playing Book of Dead, Reactoonz and many other volatile slots such as Dead or alive (1 & 2) & Bonanza. We’re seeing some live casino games such as Roulette being used quite often. We have also seen some unusual games, showing that Finnish players want to try out some new slots as well!

NCO’s suggestion: A truly exciting new slot is called Dance Party which just got live.

Trustly - Instant Deposits

Has the instant verification through Trustly been appreciated by customers?

Instead of having to fiddle with documents and ID’s, you get started immediately, right?

Oliver responds: Very much so! Pelataan has a smooth player registration journey thanks to Trustly and our development team. Being able to register within 1 minute and having the funds in your account in that timeframe as well is something revolutionary in the industry since 2018.

When will citizens from other countries be able to sign up for Pelataan?

Both says in choir: Pelataan are working on implementing new countries but we cannot say any specific date when that will arrive as of now.

What do customers praise Pelataan for the most to date?

The game supply, the world’s fastest registration, the design and the “Sisu” in Pelataan. asks: Sisu, what?

Are there anything you planning to implement or change with Pelataan in the near future?

Axel replies after thinking for two seconds: We are working on a major change that we’ve seen requests coming in. We always listen to our customers requests and we have taken action.

New Casinos Online counter: Wow, that quick. You guys really learn quickly what is needed to be slightly adjusted..

What is the number one question from customers so far?

Oliver responds: Loyalty program and bonuses. At the moment we do not have that in line but we’re working on both.

What about the lack of deposit bonuses: Are most users alright to not bother with bonuses?

Axel says 
Most of the players are fine with no bonuses. We send out bonuses to active players. 
Loyal players deserve to be rewarded no matter if they win or lose. That is our standpoint and we will always reward.

Can loyal players expect any frequent rewards?

Oliver wraps up: 
We are working on an amazing loyalty program that will take the Pay and play casinos by storm! Pelataans fine-tuned loyalty program is expected to launch in end of March 2020. It will revolve around Free Spins, Bonus Cash and Pure Cash. Some might even get a special surprise out of the ordinary! Keep an eye out for changes at Pelataan very soon!

Axel and Oliver, thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten our visitors about Paletaan. Unless you already got an account, the team behind New Casinos Online suggests that you sign-up for Palataan now!

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Enjoy a fast new online casino with 50+ developers. Try Pelataan now!

NOTE: Pelataan does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best new casinos that does allow players from United States.

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