Today we have the pleasure to interview no less than Grant Williams, the new CEO of Mega Lotto. Grant has been handpicked by Optimizer Invest’s recruitment team to run Mega Lotto, a new online casino that combines all if the world’s most exciting lotteries through one single site. Before taking over the leading role of Mega Lotto, Mr Williams used to be COO for William Hill and later their online marketing director. (No, the previous company is not named after his own hill).

He also got experience from Premier Lotto, the biggest lottery business in Nigeria and was involved with poker and casino business at Gaming Media Group for an impressive 12 years.

MegaLotto Online Slots
Mega Lotto is the latest online casino site to launch with us and it’s extremely exciting because the business is so unique. No other site offer both 20+ lotteries with the biggest jackpots, and all kinds of online slots that you can ask for. Many of the lotteries got way higher jackpots than casino slots and for only €1-2 per week, you get the chance to become a multi millionaire. Did you know that the latest winner of Mega Millions won $202 million in February 2020, and was kind enough to give the shop owner 30k in bonus. The next jackpot at powerball is due in 55 hours and is expected to give around 90 000 000 USD to one winner. Can you afford to not join some of the best lotteries with astonishing jackpots? Sign-up for Mega Lotto here and get both casino and lotteries from one site!

Or first, read the interview with Grant Williams where he explains everything you want to know about betting on lotteries and casinos.

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What different with Mega Lotto compared to national lotteries?

Answer by Grant: We offer all major lotteries with biggest jackpots globally, not just what’s available in your country
We don’t charge a ticket price (also called as handling fee) neither which for example for German lottery 6aus49 is 50 cents per ticket. This is 50% of your cost if you play one line, which is significant benefit that only Megalotto offers in the market.

Why should any local lotto player sign up for Mega Lotto?

Grant replies: As said the no handling fee is direct value that we give to our customers.
We believe that our product experience is also very good and fast especially on mobile, which is the preferred device for majority of people nowadays.
Mega Lotto also pay winnings fast and have very responsive customers experience.

In which markets will Mega Lotto be present in the near future?

Grant’s answer: Today we operate under our MGA license and are live in Europe and certain markets across the Rest of the World. Asia and Latin America are interesting markets for us that we plan to explore over the coming months.

Who came up with the idea for Mega Lotto?

It’s a great idea with a combination of all lotteries + casino + scratch card under one roof.
Grant’s reply: Well the general trend is that lottery players want to do their playing online. We are tapping into this global trend and the concept of doing online lotteries in a mobile first way came up a year back, which is when the project started.

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Ready to make it simple and play any lottery with mega jackpots online? Get slots and casino games at the same time from Mega Lotto!

NOTE: Megalotto does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best new casinos that does allow players from United States.

Which slots and which lotteries are most popular at Mega Lotto today?

Answer by Grant: Eurojackpot, EuroMillions and the American lotteries PowerBall and MegaMillions are popular. Having said that when the jackpot sizes break certain thresholds they all become very popular which is the excitement of lottery, it changes every week when the jackpots keep growing.

Are there any hot jackpots every week?

Grant’s reply: Yes of course, we offer biggest jackpots across the globe and biggest lotteries. In addition we offer our own Mega lotteries product as well as casino and gaming content where you can also win big sums of money.

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Can players sign up for any newsletter in order to find the best lotto jackpots?

Grant’s answer: By registering as a user to our website you will also receive exclusive offers, tips and content only available for registered users.

How has the first week been for Mega Lotto?

Grant replies: Lot of interest from partners and most of all players. We are happy how we are growing and this is great basis to build on.

Are there many similarities between Mega Lotto and your old business, William Hill?

If so, please explain a few similarities and differences..
He replies: Every business is unique even if the fundamental business model is shared. Running a publicly listed company versus a start up is very different. This project is far more dynamic and we can react and tailor our product, promotions and experience to customer needs far quicker, which is exactly what we have set out to do. Have the best lottery experience for our customers with biggest jackpots and great gaming & casino content and instant win products.

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Mega Lotto collect all of the world’s biggest casino and lotto jackpots in one place. Sign-up now!

NOTE: Megalotto does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best new casinos that does allow players from United States.

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