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Unfortunately, there are still a few brands that have been proven to not conduct business in a fair and honest manner. Our values and mission are dedicated to showcase such misconducts in detail. Yes, we do protect our customers from brands that cannot be trusted. If you notice any brands with lots of scantily clad women, in an attempt to attract new casino players, then go in another direction.

Our goal is to never showcase any new casinos operating online which are repeatedly taken on bar deed for cheating and never corrected it after being told about the misconduct.

In an attempt to list the worst brands in the new casinos industry, places where you are not recommended to play, we have decided to make a toplist of 7 companies we find to be untrustworthy:

The infamous toplist for cheating new casinos brands

Our impression is that the following brands are cheaters or at least should be on the warning list for sites you better stay away from.

All Cashback Casino - 3 offers

All Cashback Casino

The latest addition to our warning list is All Cashback Casino. After trying multiple accounts from various countries, the trend is clear. They don’t pay out winnings and use lame excuses. One example is that our verification documents are too vague. Since no other bank, company or organisation ever complained about the quality of our ID, we find it suspicious that they don’t approve any withdrawals after winnings. Their language about “100% cashback” is also misleading and not applicable to other cashback casinos available on our site. Therefore, All Cashback Casino is on the warning list and you should be careful before signing up here.


While is the name, not much relates to Africa here. It’s run by Israeli owners, which are usually among the most trusted in the gaming industry. However, this particular brand is not impressive or serious in any single way. So you better save you money and enjoy game play at a serious new casino from 2020.

Babe Casino Logo

Babe Casino

Since start, Babe Casino has been found doing business in a non-professional way and misleading partners in all directions.Their partner program never followed GDPR and was trying to get partners to use “naughty” landing pages in order to get customers excited. We decided to quit our partnership with them quickly and was among the first to abandon Babe Casino, putting them on the warning list for dodgy new casinos that are cheating with tracking, don’t reply to customers in time and don’t pay out winnings due to unclear or ever changing terms and conditions.

BetFashionTV Casino

They have a twisted business model where their only goal is to distract visitors with beautiful women, in order to get them playing. Then, they don’t pay winners or business partners and have a long range of disputes with former players that now abandoned BetFashionTv Casino.

Nordi Casino

The same group as Orient Xpress, that keeps feeding out new low budget casino brands without any substance. There is nothing Nordic about them, it’s just a poor misspelling, just like they did with “Afri Casino”. If a business is not prepared to spend money on a decent name and keep getting found with their pants down, then be extra careful. Nordi Casino is not a site where you would like to play. There are 100’s of other way better new casinos online.

Orient Xpress Casino

This company have a long history of non-existant customer service and support. They also make their best to include additional reasons why your are not going to be winning when attempting to take out money. Some rumours say they have rigged games, while others simply mean that they are a site to avoid.

Slots Berlin Casino

While the name sounds good and the site got a professional feeling, don’t be fooled. It has been revealed that Slots Berlin have fake Novomatic slots implemented on their site. Warning: Do not play at Slots Berlin! There are 1000’s of legitimate new casinos online, so play there instead.

Scorching Slots

Ex partners have some deeper insights here. Also, people that used to work there confirmed that Scorching Slots is an unprofessional site with many types of dodgy practices. De-tagging partners and unreasonable bonus terms and conditions are among their worst practices that is causing problems for players.

La Fiesta

More info soon.

Please note: This is our own conclusions after several years of testing with our own independent review process. If you found a site on the reverse top list that shouldn’t be here, lets us know. Everyone does mistakes and if that is done to a brand you trust, that doesn’t deserve to be here, please let us know.

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News Flash
    NetEnt Release Games with Flexible RTPNetEnt Release Games with Flexible RTP
    Monday, 30 March 2020 21:20
    The Swedish giant NetEnt today revealed they will offer 6 of their highly popular slots will come with flexible RTP. Initially, the new strategies will be tested on Reel Rush, Starburst, Butterfly Stat, Twin Spin, Guns Nรขย€ย™ Roses and Fruit Shop. Soon, individual new casinos online are able to set their own RTP adjustments to various slots. We at New Casinos Online are negative to this new measure by NetEnt and expect this to give them fewer customers and lower trust over time. For a list of the best new Netent casinos, go here.

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