Businessman with a vision
New Casinos Online’s vision has been set out after 29 years of experience in the industry from the two founders. Read more about us here. Our last venture was in the same niche, eg New Casinos, where we sold a Swedish, Norwegian, English and one global website to a major listed company.

Now it’s time for us at New Casinos Ltd to built up a new brand, based on what we know, have contacts about and passion to be first with new casinos online.

It will be no surprise for people/partners in the gambling industry we decide to:
A) Be first with new casinos online launched in 2020.
B) Have a good selection of parameters to select from (eg. payment methods, developers, wagering levels, countries, bonuses etc).
C) Digging into the small print, looking for the players best!
D) Advising new casinos online how to get interaction from players, and how to attract them!
E) Innovate the industry with features first launched by us, such as the list of upcoming casino brands.

Let’s make it happen. Contact us today if you got any questions or have a new casino brand about to be launched within short.

Come to New Casinos Online in order to be 1st to see the newest brands!“.

What made us take this stance?

After 20 years in the gambling space our contact network is incredible.

Today, many sites feature new casinos on the web without being even fairly new. They just put up random sites based on how close the partners are / how close relationship they got with a particular site. Often, the sites are several years old and there is nothing new about them. Our method is different.

To begin with, we follow a review procedure with an independent writer/expert, based on facts and availability and not nepotism. Our team review the support response time, verify the licensing along with confirming the amount of games and developers. Other parameters include how fair the bonuses are, which deposit and withdrawal methods the new casinos have available and more general factors such as usability and look and feel parameters which are slightly more vague.

When you visit our site, you can be rest assured that only new casinos available online will be featured in prominent places. We simply compare new against new, not new vs old or old versus old. Further, we sort and write out unique bonuses for each country, so that you are shown the correct bonus from start!

There is still lots to be done, but our first goal is to be able to show attractive new casinos online for all kind of players, from all around the world.

When a new potential player try to find a new casino online with a fair bonus, they are usually 5+ pages to go through with boring terms and conditions. We go through this information, and explain what it means in simple terms. Our team are dedicated to get the world of new casinos online easier to understand, with clear screenshots of how they look like on various devises. Innovation is in our DNA, and we are taking a stance to innovate the new casinos industry, once again. Our first proof of that is the upcoming casinos list.

Stay up to date and follow our list of forthcoming new casinos. That way, you can find out what’s about to be released before others.

Our mission: Hands together

Our mission

New Casinos Online’s long term mission is to assist players finding the newest casino sites available for their own particular market, regardless if you happen to live in the UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland or New Zealand. When reading our latest reviews, it will be apparent that some judgements are harsh but fair. We don’t sugar coat our reviews, but rather write honest opinions about various brands.

Please let us know in case you got any suggestion or simply would like to contact us.

Upcoming casino
Below you can see a sneak preview of the next new casino to be launched in the nearest future.

    1462 days ago
    Expected launch was Thursday 23 Apr 2020

News Flash
    NetEnt Release Games with Flexible RTPNetEnt Release Games with Flexible RTP
    Monday, 30 March 2020 21:20
    The Swedish giant NetEnt today revealed they will offer 6 of their highly popular slots will come with flexible RTP. Initially, the new strategies will be tested on Reel Rush, Starburst, Butterfly Stat, Twin Spin, Guns Nรขย€ย™ Roses and Fruit Shop. Soon, individual new casinos online are able to set their own RTP adjustments to various slots. We at New Casinos Online are negative to this new measure by NetEnt and expect this to give them fewer customers and lower trust over time. For a list of the best new Netent casinos, go here.

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