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Ripple logo Ripple is a blockchain-based payment option that offers seamless payments across the world, also into new online casinos. The global network of Ripple includes various financial organisations that allow transfer from one method to the other. This fast and frictionless payment method has attracted various new casinos around the world that are keen to offer convenient payment methods to their customers. In this Ripple review, we shall look at various aspects of the method, its benefits and disadvantages. Continue below to find the top new Ripple casinos.
NOTE: Since there are no casinos in this toplist, allowing players from United States, we recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos.

5 New casinos supporting Ripple

Go Wild. Enjoy the tornado with 3000+ slots & all payment methods you can imagine.
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €333 + 33 Extra Spins
Launched on:
Friday September 29, 2017

3500+ games
9.33 rating

Players come first, Always. It’s this new casino’s motto.
1st Deposit bonus: 100% bonus up to €1,000 and 90 free spins over 3 days.
Launched on:
Saturday January 25, 2020

900+ games
8.66 rating

Mia deliver, a quick and smooth registration, the entire journey is like going on vacation!
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to 500 EUR + 100 free spins on Golden Lab.
Launched on:
Tuesday November 19, 2019

1800+ games
7.83 rating

A new online casino with Indian theme. Visit their live casino dealers or play slots instead.
1st Deposit bonus: 100% up to €130 or $140 or 10,000 Indian rupees.
Launched on:
Wednesday November 6, 2019

1100+ games
9.33 rating

Inviting new casino from 2018 with nice graphics.
1st Deposit bonus: 120% up to 240 EUR + 20 free spins.
Launched on:
Tuesday February 20, 2018

2500+ games
8.5 rating
NOTE: There are no casinos available in United States on this toplist. We therefore recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos instead.

Why is Ripple useful?

Ripple is based on Blockchain technology. This method offers fast transactions and low fees for each transaction, allowing casino players to have a maximum payout of their winnings. It is a useful method for use in many countries where some of the primary payment methods are not available. The Blockchain technology allows for instant payouts so that players would not have to wait for long to have their winning deposited in their cryptocurrency wallets.

Is Ripple Secure?

This payment method is secure. The Blockchain technology updates all the Blockchain in the network about the transaction and makes it hard for recipients or any other person to hack into the process for financial data or theft of the coins. This makes it the most secure method one can use to transact with the casino or any other entity that accepts the cryptocurrency.

Can You Make Payment Anonymously with Ripple?

Yes. You can use Ripple to make payment anonymously to a new casino. With Blockchain technology, the recipient does not identify the payout by name and other details. This allows players to make payments in various casinos without showing their financial information. Anonymous payments are one of the biggest benefits of using the payment method.

Is there an Age Limit When Using Ripple?

Ripple accepts individuals who have a government-issued ID to create accounts on the platform. Besides, casinos also enforce the 18+ rule when accepting new customers to the casino. Therefore, players who are under that age are not eligible to join the method and use it for their transactions.

Common Reasons Why Ripple May Decline Payment

Wrong Account Information
If you have given the wrong account information when making a transaction, the transaction cannot be completed. Ensure that you enter the right recipient information when completing your transactions to prevent a delay when making payments or receiving cash from your casino account.

If the casino is using a third-party wallet and not the main company, the payment company may prune some nodes from the network. While using a centralised company does not affect the security of a transaction, it is good to make payments directly through the main network so that there is a smooth flow of payments. Sign up at the main company rather than third-party providers that connect you to the payment service.

Low Fee Transaction
The transaction is built in the payment system for the Blockchain. If the set fee is lower than what has been set on different nodes or miners, your transaction may get stuck. You may just have to wait for the transaction to be discarded and then raise the transaction fee on your account. Otherwise, your cash is secure and will not be lost in the payment process.

No Funds in the Account
If you do not have any funds or no enough cash in your account, your transactions may be rejected. Log into your Ripple account to determine if you have enough funds to complete a transaction of the value you need to transfer. You may use various methods accepted by the method to buy additional coins to use at the casino. Besides, the amount in your casino account may be lower than the minimum allowed for withdrawal, leading to a rejection of withdrawal request.

Queuing in a Transaction
Several transactions are completed in the Blockchain technology. Depending on the fees set, your transaction may be delayed in the network until a new Blockchain is found. This is not essentially a rejection but rather a delay. Just wait for a short time for the transaction to be completed.

What is the Difference with E-wallets?

Ripple is different from e-wallets in that it uses Blockchain technology to make cash transactions. Its fees are also significantly lower than most popular e-wallets. However, you can still use it to make payments and store cash.

Is the cost similar to Bitcoin Cash?

The price of using Ripple is similar to that of BTC. There is no standard fee for transactions. However, if you want your transactions to be completed fast, consider raising the transaction fee. This helps you jump the queue of the waiting transactions at the service provider.

There is usually a small charge for every transaction to pay the miners whose nodes are used to validate the transaction. You set the fee on your ripple account for both deposits and withdrawals. Green, positive arrow

What are the Pros?

• Allows for anonymous payments.
• Payments are usually completed in a few minutes.
• The payment method is usually reliable and secure.
• There are low transaction fees.
Red, negative arrow

What are the cons?

• It is susceptible to high volatility making it expensive.
• With a high number of transactions, there may be a deal.
• The method is not widely accepted out the casino environment for payments.

How Do You Get Ripple?

Signing up at ripple is as simple as heading to the main site ( and send an email to [email protected]. They will contact you and help you set up the account in a few steps. Read their terms when setting up the account.
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