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Why is Klarna a useful service?

Klarna is one of many modern Fintech companies that emerged from Sweden back in the early 2000s. After catering initially for neighbouring countries, the service was soon rolled out to include other regions. The focus is on the speed of transactions and transparency. To keep everything flowing smoothly they have an app for iOS and Android devices which allows users to keep track of their funds and contact the company’s customer services department when necessary. It should also be noted that they are backed by a selection of powerful investors including the private equity firm Permira and Visa.
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How quick is it to make a deposit?

In order to top up a casino account with this company, players first need to make sure they have enough funds. They can pay in online or through the app using MasterCard or Visa. Next, it’s just a case of logging on to a casino account and selecting Klarna as a payment method. The process is very quick and funds are usually available immediately.

Is Klarna secure?

Yes, they have been operating for over two decades and are one of the most popular e-wallets to specialise in direct banking. This means none of a customer’s personal details are shared with the casino or any other merchant. The bank details an account holder provides are located in the e-wallet side of the transaction, which merchants cannot access. It’s also worth noting that under data protection laws, the client’s personal details are not visible to the company’s employees and there are physical as well as electronic safeguards to manage this type of information.

Can Klarna be used anonymously at new casinos?

Yes, when a player is using this service as a payment method no information is shared, so the payments made into an account will be anonymous.

Does Klarna have an age limit?

Players need to be 18 or over to use these services.

The five most common reasons that a Klarna transaction is declined

If a transaction has been declined, the company will always send an email to the account holder explaining why. Here are five of the most common issues:
1. If there are insufficient funds, payments will be declined. Check with a credit card or bank to find out where the problem is stemming from.
2. Sometimes account details are entered incorrectly, often by just one digit. If this is likely to have caused the declined payment, the details can simply be re-entered correctly for the problem to be resolved. When that doesn’t work, contact the customer service team.
3. Payments are occasionally denied because of a technical error. When this happens, account holders are advised to close and then reopen their browser, clear the cookie cache and check the network connection before trying again.
4. When a new casino has incomplete details for an account holder they will often withhold payments. Therefore, it is vital to check the account is authorised and everything is up to date before attempting to withdraw any winnings.
5. Transactions may also be declined by the e-wallet or the new casino if their software detects potentially fraudulent activity. This can be triggered by account holders logging on from a different device or in a different region. So when travelling, it is best to send a quick message to the customer care department of any service that will be used abroad.

What is the difference between Klarna and e-wallets?

Klarna has become well-known as a direct payment company. This means that many processes which can take time with other providers are not required here. Moreover, transactions are usually confirmed (or denied) immediately, so the funds are available to use when required.

Does Klarna have any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

In most cases, they do not charge a fee to deposit funds. There may be a fee to withdrawal winnings depending on the amount, the casino and the currency. Green, positive arrow

What are the main pros with Klarna?

It’s so easy to use. They have established a simple, user-friendly and secure method of depositing and withdrawing funds.
They offer a flexible service. Clients can also use this e-wallet to access split payments or go for pay later deals when they are shopping online.
Regulation is provided by the Financial Security Authority in Sweden, so users can be confident that their details are secure.
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What are the main cons with Klarna?

Not all of their services are available for casino payments, these often include the pay later and split the cost options.
The company is restricted to eight European countries as well as the USA. They only accept currency from these locations.
Their policy on fees varies between regions and is difficult to establish before setting up an account.

How to get a Klarna account

To open an account, download the app then click the Klarna link in any participating new online casinos and follow the instructions.
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