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Exmo logo Cryptocurrency has allowed people to trade online and it is no different with gambling. EXMO is an online platform that will allow gamblers to use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to transact. EXMO will give players tools to trade and deposit currency into their new online casino accounts. They also give financial advice to online gamblers. See a top list of the best new Exmo casinos below.
NOTE: Since there are no casinos in this toplist, allowing players from United States, we recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos.

1 New casinos supporting Exmo

Players come first, Always. It’s this new casino’s motto.
1st Deposit bonus: 100% bonus up to €1,000 and 90 free spins over 3 days.
Launched on:
Saturday January 25, 2020

900+ games
8.66 rating
NOTE: There are no casinos available in United States on this toplist. We therefore recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos instead.

Why is EXMO useful?

When it comes to gambling one can’t be too careful and especially online where many people have been scammed and hacked. That is why this is made a solution to trade and indulge in gambling online. It allowed players of different casinos to transact anonymously which is a huge plus in casino gambling. EXMO is also useful as it helps gamblers to transact faster and safely. It is very secure because in 2017 it was attacked by hackers and still no money was lost. Stopwatch 6 seconds

How quick is it to deposit?

EXMO is quite fast when it comes to new users. Since it started in 2013 many users have claimed that is it easy to deposit and familiar yourself with the platform even as a novice.

You can deposit over 20 cryptocurrencies and 6 fiat currencies. Some of the currencies include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Waves, Tether, KickCoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum, Ripple and Zcash.

The basic procedure to deposit is to first create an account on the EXMO site. After that you choose which currency you would like depending on the payment methods. You could also decide to go visit the Over the Counter services. You could visit one of their OTC facilities and a broker will help you deposit money into your account but you have to need to transact more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Is EXMO secure?

The simple answer to this is yes. You might be sceptic about the security of putting your but to do is with EXMO because there was DDos attack in 2017. There was also a claim that the CEO of was kidnapped. Whichever the case the EXMO clientele never suffered any loss in any of the incidences. The trading platforms have experts who have strategies that will help a gambler transact securely. Two Factor Profile Authentication is one core configuration they use to enhance security of users. It uses two keys which are always new during transactions. You can activate this by simply switching it on in your own account. It also urges its clients to use Google Authenticator.

Is it useable anonymously in any new casino?

Cryptocurrency is popular in the Casino business mainly because of its anonymous feature. Accounts allow anonymous transactions, so you can gamble in private with any cryptocurrency money and still maintain a good level of security.

Is there an Age limit?

In the terms and conditions of Exmo, it clearly states that you need to be 18 years and above to eligible to register for their services. It is evidently no surprise you have to be an adult to consent to a binding legal contract.

Five reasons to why EXMO payment method would decline

1. Wrong details provided
If you have made a mistake and have put the wrong information when filling in required information, especially address on a Visa payment, would be declined until they verify such information. The quick solution is to double check your personal details an extra time.
2. No money
This is a no brainer, if you have unlimited funds to cover all the costs involved in any transaction your payment will not be made.
3. Wrong PIN
If you forget your credentials especially your pin your payment won’t be made and for a good reason which is security. You have to pass security questions and give your meta data like your age to be able to be access your account to change your initial password.
4. Suspicious transactions
Sometimes the bank will deem the transaction suspicious when trying to make payment to to a Casino because it does not trust the other organization.
5. Technical Issues
When experiencing technical issues most of the time you will be notified and if you try to make a transaction at this time it will be declined.

What is the difference compared to e-wallets?

Jeton is the e-wallet that uses and it is very secure to other e-wallets and it has attracted users from over 40 countries into the world. Supports 11 languages which is better than almost all other trading platforms. It has more currencies that any other e-wallet transacting site. Deposits to users can be done through their personal bank accounts which is not the case in many other wallets.

Do they have fees for withdrawals?

The fees for the withdrawals are good and are always getting better if you constantly check on the site. Recent charges have dropped for different cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal fees for BTC have decreased from 0.001 to 0.0005 BTC. You can frequently check their charges and fees on their sites. Green, positive arrow

Main Pros with EXMO

1. You have the advantage to be anonymous with your transaction.
2. Charges for are reasonable.
3. You can securely transact with many other cryptocurrencies.
4. Caters for so many languages.

Red, negative arrow

Main cons with EXMO

1. Your bank account can tell that you are dealing with cryptocurrency.
2. It’s easier to but coins than to sell them.
3. You are susceptible to hacks just like was attacked in 2017.
4. It responds slow.

How do I get EXMO??

You can get EXMO online by going to their site (https://exmo.com) which is always active and has 24/7 support. They will guide you to register and start depositing using your visa or other payment methods.
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