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Why is Eps useful?

Eps is an electronic payment solution designed to make online payment efficient, secure and swift. It was created almost two decades ago and is currently serving more than 2.5 million people who have accounts with Austrian banks. The online payment solution comes in handy for online gamers in Austria, a country that has a bank penetration rate of 97%.
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This payment method allows people who engage in online betting to deposit money into their accounts and withdraw their winnings conveniently. This is because they can link the tool directly to their bank accounts. The payment tool is also popular among gamers because it enhances their online security. It secures each transaction using the latest technologies, which means that gamers do not have to worry about many of the issues that are commonly associated with chargebacks or reversals. The tool also makes online payment swift by ensuring that each transaction is processed instantly. This allows gamers to deposit or withdraw money from their accounts in real-time.

How quick is it to deposit?

Depositing through this payment solution is fast because it happens in real-time. To fund his or her account, the customer needs to visit the Eps checkout page for online banking. Once the user selects his or her bank, all he or she will need is input the amount that he or she wants to deposit to the Eps account. The transaction requires the customer to enter a PIN after which it is executed in real-time. This allows anyone to make an instant deposit from a personal account to the Eps account.

Can Eps be used anonymously on new casinos?

Yes, it can. Even though the tool makes payment from your bank account, your details will not be revealed since the payment is anonymous.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, there is. To use this payment tool, one has to be 18 years or above within the European Union.

5 Common reasons why my Eps can be declined

Some of the factors that would undermine your experience when using this tool include:
If you do not have sufficient balance in your bank account, any transaction will be declined.
When the recipient address is wrong: The transaction will be rejected if there is no valid recipient address.
A wrong cvv will also lead to blocked transactions when using this tool.
When unusual transactions are flagged by the tool, the system will reject them automatically.
If the recipient does not accept Eps as a payment option, your payment will not be successful.

What is the difference from other payment methods?

Some of the distinguishing features for EPS are:
It is highly secure. Security is a major concern when conducting online payments and this tool has proved to be reliable and secure.
The tool does not require customers to sign up. If you have a bank account with any Austrian bank that accepts Eps payments, you do not have to register to enjoy the service.
It allows real-time online payment. As a result, gamers can use it to make payments to their accounts and place bets immediately without any hassle.
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Main pros of Eps

This mode of online payment has become popular among online gamers because it has made the transactions associated with online gaming easy. Below are some of the benefits of embracing this online payment mode:
Users do not need to have a debit or credit card: Although many online payment tools often require users to have a debit or credit card linked to their account, Eps is available even to those without the cards. This makes it convenient and user-friendly.
Users do not need to register with the platform. All that you need to use this payment tool is to have a bank account with any of the enrolled Austrian banks. Your account will be linked with the tool automatically without the need for you to register.
Highly secure: With this secure online payment, users do not need to worry about their banking details getting into the wrong hands or being used to blackmail them. The tool has incorporated the latest technologies to enhance online security and assure its users of secure online transactions every time they use it.
Millions of people are already using it: This platform assures users of a secure and convenient payment method. That and other factors have earned it trust among its customers. Once you start using it, therefore, you are joining millions of people who are depositing or withdrawing their online casino winnings using the method. Red, negative arrow

What are the main cons of EPS?

Although the payment method has many benefits, the limitation highlighted below could hinder its efficiency: The tool is only available to gamers who have bank accounts with Austrian banks that work in collaboration with it.

How do I get an Eps?

Before enrolling, you have to understand how EPS works. To get started, you have to follow 3 simple steps.
To begin with, the customer has to have an account with an Austrian bank. For you to get Eps, you need to have an account with a bank that readily accepts this payment tool.
Once you have a bank account, select Eps, and you will be redirected to the online banking page. You will then be required to enter your online banking details. The payment details will be prefilled once your account is linked.
Payment authorisation and notification: Once you initiate your payment, just wait for it to be authorised. The good thing about this method is that the customer receives a notification after each transaction is authorised. The notification received is proof that the payment was successful.
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