Boleto Bancario

Boleto bancario logo Boleto Bancario is a common payment method in Brazil and since it is regulated by Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks}, it is a very transparent mode of transaction. For lovers of casino games, the main issues usually are how to transact from the bank the casino account or to make withdrawal from the casino to the bank. The payment method is quite useful as it allows you to get payments at ATMs at the post office, Bank branch facilities, Internet banking including Lottery Agents. This means that you can make payments or deposit to your casino account any time using Boleto Bancario. When you make a deposit, the payment is made within two to three business days. However, there was a feature developed known as the Boleto Flash that boost the payment confirmation process. With the use of the Boleto Flash, the deposit is confirmed in the next business as long as it is between Tuesday and Saturday.
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How is the safety?

Boleto Bancario has gained much popularity over the years due to its convenience and the safety measures put in place. It provides very low fraud risks with no chargeback for merchants and no refund function.

What about anonymity for Boleto?

This payment method in addition to being secure also makes payment completely anonymous. When you make payments with Boleto, there is no exchange of any sensitive or personal information between you the payer and the person you are paying. This means that you can anonymously make payments to any casino of your choosing as long as the casino accepts Boleto as a transaction method.

Is there an Age limit?

Only those of legal age and age of consent, which is 18 years and above can to use Boleto Bancario. Reasons why your Boleto Bancario is declined There are several measures out in place to ensure that your transaction with Boleto is secure. For this reason, any personal information that you provide to the payment method platform that is incorrect or does not correspond with the data that your bank has on record will lead to a decline of the transaction. Here are a few reasons why your Boleto Bancario may be declined.
· Wrong address – Your home address is required when making any payment using Boleto and providing the wrong address leads to an automatic decline of the payment.
· Wrong CVV – The Card Verification Value number is unique to each client with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or any other credit card or debit card. Note that this number is different from the PIN and at no point should you use the PIN in place of the CVV number. You also cannot use someone else’s CVV number with Boleto Bancario.
· No money – Unfortunately, if you do not have any funds in your account, you cannot make any payments using this payment method. Boleto Bancario does not offer credit to users who do not have money in their accounts.
· Unusual transactions – As a safety measure, Boleto is very keen on checking users’ transactions to prevent fraud. If you or someone else uses your account to make unusual, transactions i.e. transactions that are not allowed by Boleto, the payment is declined and could lead to a suspension or blocking of your account.

Difference between Boleto Bancario and other e-wallets

As much as it works like an electronic wallet, Boleto differs greatly with other forms of e-wallets because it can only be used to only make payments which means any withdrawals you need to make cannot go through with this payment method.
The other difference is that you have to be issued with a slip that contains information on the amount, the recipient’s name, payment ID, the date of the issue including the validity period of the Boleto. Once the validity period expires, a new boleto has to be made.

Transaction fees

Most times, clients use Boleto Bancario for free but this does not apply for casinos. There are requisite fees that the casino pays for every completed transaction. There is also a commensurate bank fee that you pay in person when you make payments using this payment method. In case your boleto expires, you will have to pay a fee to the issuing bank for them to process a new boleto for you. Green, positive arrow

Pros of using Boleto Bancario

There are various advantages of using Boleto Bancario as your payment method of choice and they include; · This payment method is very secure and anonymous.
· You can directly deposit funds to your casino account with cash.
· You can use Boleto online and make virtual payments in selected stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and ATMs and mobile banking as well.
· There are no extra service fees charged.
· Boosted conversion rates.
Red, negative arrow

Cons of using Boleto Bancario

As convenient as it is, there are some cons with this payment method. · It is not possible to make withdrawals using this payment method.
· It is only available in Brazil.
· The whole payment procedure can be quite hectic and takes long to confirm a payment (2-3 business days)

How to get Boleto Bancario

If you need to use this payment method, you need to go to any of the banks in Brazil that support the use of Boleto and convert your cash into electronic money issued as a bank slip. The boleto issued has a bar code that contains the payment ID, the recipient, the amount and the validity period. This code is the one that is scanned by the bank, pharmacy, supermarket, post office or any other sales point that allows the use of boleto and they get their payment.
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