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Adv Cash logo To have a seamless new online casino experience, you need a good payment solution like AdvCash. You’ll need a platform that allows you to quickly transfer and fund your account. New online casinos have been gaining popularity due to their ease of use as well as their ability to enhance the gamer’s experience. With more and more breakthrough technologies, new casino sites have been able to improve what they offer to their clients, something that has been growing their clientele. Advanced cash (Advcash) is a company that offers financial solutions by first issuing the Advcash card to their clients. The firm’s platform supports Bitcoin, which means that one is able to use it to pay for everyday expenditures. The card provided by Advcash is a MasterCard that allows the cardholder to shop and buy goods and services from any store that accepts MasterCard. However, the card is only valid in Europe and Russia. It is popular among freelancers and people who prefer sending money quickly and at low cost.
NOTE: Since there are no casinos in this toplist, allowing players from United States, we recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos.

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Players come first, Always. It’s this new casino’s motto.
1st Deposit bonus: 100% bonus up to โ‚ฌ1,000 and 90 free spins over 3 days.
Launched on:
Saturday January 25, 2020

900+ games
8.66 rating
NOTE: There are no casinos available in United States on this toplist. We therefore recommend you to check out Rich Palms that does accept players in United States or one of the other new casinos instead.

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How quick is it to deposit with AdvCash?

Usually, it’s an instant process using AdvCash and deposit into your new casino online often takes less than 3 seconds. In comparison to other e-wallets and payment providers, we find AdvCash to be slightly quicker than average.

Benefits of Advcash

Allows Bitcoin holders to use their digital currency
Many of the internet users today may have to deal with Bitcoins from time to time. Green, positive arrowSome freelancers, for instance, are paid in Bitcoins. This means that they need to exchange their coins for everyday services. Advcash enables this by allowing freelancers and internet users to buy Advcash cards and use them to pay for goods and services.
Fast and reliable
The card is under the umbrella of MasterCard, a provider who invests in the latest systems and technologies to ensure that they process transaction fast. Advcash holders, therefore, are sure of quick and secure transactions while loading up their new online casino accounts. MasterCard handles billions of transactions annually, and you can rely on their expertise and ability to deliver superior services.
Safer than cash
Advcash gives you the ability to travel and shop because you pay freely without the need to carry cash around. Cash transactions carry risks such as the risk of theft and the fears that come with travelling with huge amounts of money. Red, negative arrow

Cons of Advcash

Expensive to top up
One of the drawbacks of using the platform is the high commissions charged to top up and replenish the card. On many occasions, the only available way of funding the card is through wire transfers. The wire transfers attract huge commissions, something that inflates the cost beyond the market rates.
Does not have an app
Many people complain that the company has not developed an app for managing individual accounts. Many users believe that they could manage the app better from an app. The lack of a dedicated app, therefore, might put off some users.
Cannot be used outside Europe and Russia
People living outside Europe and Russia cannot access the services of Advcash. This absence locks out a huge number of people who would like to enjoy the services just like their European counterparts. Prospective users can only hope that the company has plans for expansion to other parts of the world.
Payments are not refundable if you make a mistake
Users should be extra cautious when using Advcash to make payments since errors can have severe consequences. It is not possible to return a payment once it has been made. Users, therefore, must be sure to double-check and verify the details before they finalize payments.

Why is my AdvCash transaction declined?

Advcash transactions usually go seamlessly. Sometimes, however, the transaction may be rejected. A transaction can be rejected due to any of the following reasons: If the user has keyed in the wrong data when prompted โ€“ if a user is asked to key in information and they provide the wrong information, the transaction may be rejected. Wrong information includes addresses and card numbers that do not match.
– If the card limit has been reached and all the funds exhausted. – If you exhaust all your funds and do not have access to credit, your transactions might be rejected.
– Your card may also be rejected if you have made unusual transactions that appear suspicious โ€“ this helps to prevent fraud and identity theft.
– Advcash is similar to other e-wallets. The only difference is that it accepts Bitcoins and all purchases are free of charges be it online or offline. To sign up for Advcash, visit their website and create an account. To do this, you just need to follow the simple, easy signup procedure provided. The sign up is so simple that even the least experienced internet users have found it simple to follow.
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    Expected launch was Thursday 23 Apr 2020

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