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Pay Near Me is a very useful payment as it allows you to make a variety of online payments with the developments of e-wallets. Lots of technological aspects have been incorporated into paynearme to make is one of the top listing payment methods. It a very common payment method used by gamblers as it makes it quite easy to make deposits to casino accounts anytime anywhere in the United States.

The best aspect about Pay Near Me is that once your deposits are cleared once you pay, the money reflects in your new casino account instantly allowing you more time to play and make win. See a top list of the latest Pay Near me casinos available right now.

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No one understands the narrative of safety than paynearme. With a nature to safeguard client’s money and interests, this payment method is very safe. They have embraced technological advancements and made it a key tool in ensuring that there are no cases of fraud by or against clients.


If you got any concerns about your employer, family or even friends frequently checking the transactions you make, then you should consider using paynearme and a payment method. For the fact that it allows even those without credit or debit cards to make payments, you are guaranteed complete anonymity as you make your payments or deposits. All you need to do is take the barcode provided by the casino to the nearest Family Dollar Store or 7-11 store to get the payment processed. This is as secretive as it can ever get.

In case you are looking to try out new casinos, you got no reason to worry about the confidentiality of your transaction as long as the casino accepts payments through paynearme. Your personal and financial information is completely secure.

Age restrictions

Just like other payment methods, paynearme only allows those who have attained the age of 18 and above to use it to make payments. During registration, you will have to provide proof of age to them for verification purposes.

Reasons why your transaction may be declined

· Wrong address – As you register for this payment method, you need to ensure that you give your correct address as this will be used for future transactions that you do. Providing the wrong address is a fraud red flag and is a major reason for the decline of your transaction.

· Wrong CVV – The Card Verification Value number is crucial when carrying out a transaction with paynearme if you are using a credit card or a debit card to make the payment. Giving the wrong CVV is a reason for the decline of your payment.

· No money – In case you have a zero-bank account balance, you cannot make payments using your debit card.

· Unusual transaction – Security is a major concern and this is why any unusual transactions raise a red flag and lead to the decline of your payment. You need to follow their terms and conditions of operation if you want all payments to be successful.

Difference with other e-wallets

Pay Near Me is quite a unique payment method as it allows for all kinds of bill payments including those who do not have bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards. As long as you are within the United States of America, you can use their services with any casino or store that accepts payments through them.

Also, they got an App that works smoothly allowing you to pay bills whenever wherever in the US. They have also incorporated apple PAY in their App. All you need is a smartphone with a supported Android or iOS version to install the app and get paying. Bonuses offered by casinos are also eligible with this payment method.

Transaction charges

For cash payments, a flat fee of $2.99 and this applies up to $300 worth of payment. Those making payments between $300 and #500, the fee charged is $3.99. any payment above $500 to $1000 attracts a fee of $4.99. No hidden fees apply which makes it an incredible payment method for their transparency.

Pros of Pay Near Me

There are very many benefits to reap with the use of this payment method.

· It is a very secure payment method that safeguards all your personal and financial information including making all your transaction anonymous even with new casinos.

· Payment reflects instantly once the payment has been cleared.

· Anybody in the United States can use it even without a bank account, credit card or debit card.

· They have a 24hour customer support team always on the ready to serve you.

Disadvantages of Pay Near Me

As much as it is very convenient, there are still a few drawbacks associated with paynearme and they include.

· It is only available in the United States.

· It’s not the fastest yet payment method available and you will have to push to ensure the payment has been confirmed.

· It does not allow for withdrawals.

· There are transaction fees charged which limits the amount that you would like to deposit.

How to get Pay Near Me?

You do not need to open an account with them especially if you are making direct cash payment. All you need to do is to choose it as a payment option when making deposits. The casino will print a barcode for you and then proceed to take this barcode to any of the payment collection points available in the US to complete the process.

There is also the option of registering for a PayNearMe card which will be activated for use.

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