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Paykasa is an Astropay card that is specifically designed for online shopping. Thanks to PayKasa, this internet technology allows you to make transactions without leaving any traces and sharing your personal information with anyone or any site. With this virtual card, you get to shop from all the websites you want as long as your balance is sufficient. Consequently, we can say that PayKasa is a modern payment technology that is becoming very popular among online shoppers.

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Secure Payment Method

There are several sites where you can safely take Paykasa, fill in the balance and spend money. Online casinos are among the most prominent sites where you can use Paykasa. To get this virtual card, you need to find a place to buy vouchers worth the amount you wish to spend online. Once you’ve chosen the value of the voucher you want to purchase, you’ll have to pay cash to start using your card.

This electronic money will facilitate all your transactions. With the 16-digit barcode code you receive after buying the Astropay card, you can spend in every corner of the internet environment. You can shop from all sites that provide service on electronic commerce including online casinos. Also, if you are reluctant to pay for sites that you cannot fully trust, Paykasa is a great option for you. Thanks to Paykasa technology, your personal information and passwords will not be stored on any site you pay.

If you’re considering using this payment method at online casinos, you’ll first need to find the best online casinos that accept this banking option. Once you’ve done this, go to the banking section and select the option and provide the required details such as the voucher’s unique number. Deposits made using this banking method are instant, so funds will be transferred as soon as you finish making the payment.

Casino Withdrawals

Players can withdraw winnings using this method, however, the funds will not be available in their accounts as real money. This is because those withdrawing using this method will receive another voucher for the withdrawn funds. The voucher can then be redeemed at websites supporting this payment method.

Common Reasons That Paykasa Is Declined

There are several reasons why a transaction can be rejected by new online casinos. Here are three common reasons why Paykasa may be declined:

Reason 1: Error

One of the most common reasons why a transaction can be denied is making errors while entering the card details. To avoid a transaction being declined due to user error, be sure to go over all the information you provided before proceeding with the transaction.

Reason 2: Change in billing address

Another common reason that can cause card denial is changing your billing address. If the online casino you are playing at does not recognize the new address, the transaction may be denied.

Reason 3: An expired credit card

This seems like a no brainer but it is a major reason why your virtual card may be declined. Be sure to check your card’s expiration date and use your card within a year after purchase.

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The Advantages of Paykasa Card
The biggest advantage of using Paykasa is that it is safe. When purchasing the card, you are not required to provide your banking details which may be intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Also, it is very easy to use. You do not need to specify the price of the product you purchase on any commercial site you want to use. It is also fast since you are not required to create an account when making transactions. Worth mentioning is that you can transfer money to your relatives or friends in any country free of charge. Paykasa card money transfer is provided according to the currency of each country. It is enough to send the pincode to the person you want to transfer funds to.

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Disadvantages of Paykasa Card
The first disadvantage of using Paykasa is that the maximum voucher value is €150. This is limiting especially to high rollers who would like to spend lots of money. The other disadvantage of this banking method is that it cannot be partially redeemed. You must spend the entire value of the voucher in a single transaction.

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