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Rather than a bank in its own standing, the site is a payment gateway: a kind of electronic middleman funnelling payments from small traders, customers and entrepreneurs through to more ponderous financial systems. The gateway is very useful in today’s gig economy, when customers can be all over the world, and wanting to buy and sell in their own home currency, even when dealing with other nations and currencies.

The site deals with more than 150 currencies and produces the website in more than ten different languages, so you and your customers can come to good agreements with which you are both happy. When you have these different currencies in your account, they are not automatically converted into your home currency, and then converted again once spent in a foreign country. Instead, they will remain in that currency until needed, or until you ask for the conversion to occur.

The gateway prides itself on offering free internal digital wallet transactions. This means that the more of your commercial circle that uses Exactly, the less fees you will pay as payments between Exactly accounts are free.

You get your very own Exactly debit card to use while out and about, making ‘real world’ purchases or payments for your business, from buying stock to taking investors out to lunch! Currently, we are impatiently waiting for more new online casinos to adopt Exactly’s payment gateway for safe and quick transactions in 100’s of currencies.

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How quick is it to deposit?

Once all the required information is entered into the system, your account should benefit from instant activation, as long as your details hold up. Once the account is open, you can immediately begin to make and receive payments from your account.

You can integrate an existing bank card or other payment method into your Exactly account so you can pay the way you want to, while still taking advantage of the broad and comprehensive benefits of the payment gateway’s platform.

Is Exactly payments secure?

Yes, there are unique methods of security applied to the site’s framework which ensure your details and your money is as safe as it can be. These custom designed integrated anti-fraud systems ensure that payment protocols meet stringent standards.

The Exactly is based in the Czech Republic, which is in the EU and this will fall under EU laws and adjudication that pertain to financial institutions and establishments.

Your international payments will be processed through accredited methods like IBAN, SEPA and SWIFT. You will, in fact, be issued with your own IBAN number for speedy and safe international payments.

Can Exactly Payment Gateway be used anonymously on new casinos?

The Exactly payment solutions certainly can be used on new casino sites, if they are set up to accept payments via this method, which many of them are. As to anonymity, if the site allows you to play anonymously then you can do so, but your payment method is almost always linked to your real identity (it is not advisable to open bank accounts in false names: do not do this) so there will be an overlap between your anonymous avatar that other players see, and the information that you need to provide to open your casino account.

Is there an age limit?

In the EU โ€“ where Exactly Payments is based โ€“ the age limit is always 18, as it is in many other countries, although it can be even higher in others. You must adhere to your own country’s rules in the event of the age limit being higher than 18.

Five common reasons that my Exactly Payment Gateway payment is declined

1. Have you used your real, correct address? Credit checks coming up with a false address will ping back a negative response.

2. Have you used your real name and spellt it correctly? The one mentioned on the linked bank account or credit card? As above, checks finding that ‘you’ do not exist will not be acceptable.

3. Did you input the correct three-digit number (CVV) from the back of the card? Making a mistake on this will invalidate your payment.

4. Do you have sufficient funds in the account to cover the payment you are trying to make?

5. Have you bought something very expensive, unusual or easily resaleable, or that might otherwise be flagged as ‘unusual’? If you have, your bank or credit provider might reject a payment or hold it, until they can confirm that it is really you trying to make this payment.

What is the difference from other e-wallets?

The Payment Gateway is unlike competitors in that it offers round-the-clock support for your financial transactions and queries, and in that the system is a very reliable one, with 99.7% availability at all times.

Do they usually have any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

There are standard fees for various services, all readily available on the website and subject to change from time to time. Internal transactions, as mentioned above, are free between users of the service, and there are no hidden fees or charges: you will always know what you are expected to pay and when.

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Main pros of using the site?

Can become an Exactly Partner for even more benefits. You can earn bonuses and other benefits from introducing new service users. These can be your own customers, or your suppliers, anyone who you think will suit the platform.

There are easy to read and use methods of reporting so you can closely monitor your income, expenses, outgoings and commitments. Reports can be customised to suit your accounts.

You can set up recurring payments easily. These will include payments such as monthly bills, salaries and subscriptions.

You can invoice your customers directly from the app with a fully customised invoice complete with your ow professional logo to present a professional and efficient face to your customers.

The site offers the ability to make mass payments when necessary.

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Main cons of Exactly

It is entirely online with no physical branches, and no assets or cash stored in premises. This worries more old-school business people, who might be chary about signing up with such an entity.

The site is fairly new: it is not yet tried and tested, and any issues may be yet to arise. Currently, almost no fairly new online casinos support Exactly.

Paperwork must be kept for 10 years and must be produced when needed for verification โ€“ however, this might be contrary to GDPR or data management practices in certain countries โ€“ which regulations to follow must be ascertained before the customer gets into trouble one way or the other. In general, GDPR insists that data not be held for longer than 6 years.

There are some exceptions to what can be paid using the Exactly account, including legal defences (with provisos), bankruptcy proceedings, and even domestic legal affairs for people not named on the account.

How do I get an account?

It is very easy! Just sign up at the official site โ€“ www.Exactly.com (click on this link), fill in your details and you will soon be up and running.

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