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Click and Buy was originally established in 1999 in the German city of Cologne. By 2010, the company would be under the management of Deutsche Telecom. The service then grew in popularity, especially with new casinos online. As a user, you can own an account in one of the 120 currencies recognised by the company. The service is available in 30 countries around the world, and although this is not as wide as PayPal, it is still respectable.

E-wallets have been noted to be very efficient and safe for online transactions, and this is one reason why most prefer them over credit cards. There is a much lower risk of identity theft when dealing with e-wallets. Click and Buy is one of these wallets, and it has been in use for at least a decade. More than 14 million people have enjoyed the services of the company. So, let’s have a closer look at this online payment method.

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How to Use Click and Buy to Fund an Online Casino Account

You cannot use Click and Buy anonymously. To get started, you will have to register on their site by providing them with some personal information and some details about the credit card or debit card you intend to use with the e-wallet. To confirm the validity of your credit card, they will debit a small amount of money and credit it back to your card. Credit and debit cards are not the only methods of funding the e-wallet. You can use about 40 other methods, although some are limited to specific territories. Also, you should note that not all the funding methods are free.

As soon as you deposit money to the site, you will be able to send it to your casino account and play the games you want. Note that the transactions are completed instantly.

Is Click and Buy Secure?

Yes, like other e-wallets, this service observes very high levels of security. Their website is secured with the latest SSL encryption technology, so no one will be able to hack into it. You can rest assured that your personal data will never be lost on this site. You should also note that it is managed by the Deutsche Telecom Group, which has a solid track record. The British Financial Services Authority also ensures that all the necessary security measures are observed by the company.

Why Was My Payment Declined?

In some cases, payments made through his payment method will be declined, and this can happen for a number of reasons. First, you may be sending money from a region where this specific payment method is not accepted. Some casinos limit the use of certain payment methods to people in specific regions. You may have registered your account in the United Kingdom, but since you are trying to make the payment when on vacation in a different country, the casino will not be able to process it.

It is also possible that your Click and Buy account does not have enough money. Unlike many other e-wallets, this one does not use the funds in your credit or debit card. You have to first load the funds to the wallet.

You may also have entered the wrong CVV when registering your credit or debit card. This will mean that any funds you tried to send to the e-wallet would fail to transfer. Take a closer look at the details sent and confirm whether they match with your actual credit card details.

In other cases, your payments will be declined because of unusual activity on your account. You can contact the customer service team of the casino and e-wallet to find out whether there is any issue with your account.

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Pros of Click and Buy

Here are the most important benefits of this payment method:

β€’ You can fund the account through many different methods.

β€’ Transactions are completed instantly.

β€’ It accepts many different currencies.

β€’ It is under the management of Deutsche Telecom, which has a great record.

β€’ It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Britain.

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Cons of Click and Buy

Here are the most important disadvantages of this e-wallet:

β€’ It can only be used in 30 countries.

β€’ It is not very commonly used in online casinos.


Click and Buy is an e-wallet that has been in use for more than 10 years. It is currently under the ownership of Deutsche Telecom. This e-wallet has been growing in use over the past few years and is currently available as a payment method in a few online casinos. Since it is regulated by the British Financial Services Authority, you can be sure that all the checks and balances have been handled. Your personal data will not be lost since they have to use the latest SSL encryption technology.

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