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Apcopay is specialised in processing payments for high-risk merchants, including new online casinos. Since this is a unique sector, online casinos are not accepted by multiple banks due to a rather high degree of chargebacks historically. Apcopay is based in Malta and has been in business since 2004 offering payment solutions across the US, the Far East and Europe. Over the years, the company has built upon a wealth of experience to deliver a service which benefits both the casino and its customers. They work with a range of different currencies and accept a number of payment methods, so everyone should be able to find the right option for their personal requirements. This company focuses on simplifying the complex process of making payments, giving their customers the best possible experience. In practical terms, this is carried out through the use of cutting edge software on a very user-friendly platform. Apcopay mainly provide services to licensed EU and UK based new casinos online, while having a worldwide network of banks. They make sure that all partners have an EU gambling license, preferable from Malta, Estonia, Isle of Man, Alderney or the UK.

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Note: VBet is the only casino with Apcopay that we know of, but they are neither new nor any good.

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How quick is it to make a deposit?
Digital payments can be made swiftly and account holders can choose to deposit money using Visa, MasterCard or bank transfers. Payments made by credit card tend to take up to three days to become available, but bank transfers are swifter.

Is Apcopay secure?

Yes, this service has invested heavily in maintaining the safety and privacy of its online clients. As they work with payment cards Apcopay is obliged to follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a code of conduct which ensures that data is stored, processed and transmitted in an environment which keeps it secure. This compliance is adhered to strictly by Apcopay and the entire platform is managed using an innovative suite of anti-fraud software. They use tokenisation to oversee their digital funds and the gateway is complete with 3D secure authentication.

Can Apcopay be used anonymously at new casinos?

To avoid problems with fraud, there are certain rules which people have to follow in order to make a deposit. One of these is opening an account with the company and verifying a home address and banking details when prompted to do so. This means that it is not possible to make a payment through this service at any casino and maintain anonymity.

Does Apcopay have an age limit?

Only people over the age of 18 can open an account.

Are there any common reasons why an Apcopay transaction is declined?

The single most common reason for any type of payment method to fail is a customer error, in practice, this means someone has entered their credit card information incorrectly. Whether it is an entire card number or a single CVV2 digit, without the exact details a card or payment method will not be recognised.

Lack of funds is another common reason for Apcopay payments to fail. If the account has not received a deposit or the deposit has not yet cleared, the transaction will be declined.

First-time transactions to an online casino can sometimes be declined by a bank or credit card. Although this is very rare, it’s worth contacting a provider beforehand to ensure it does not become a problem.

A casino may also decline a transaction, most often a withdrawal request, if an address has not been verified. This can usually be rectified by a phone call to customer services, but the issue can be avoided altogether by checking the account is up to date before attempting a transaction.

Transactions that are requested from abroad may be rejected on grounds of security, this is to protect both the company and their account holders. Again, contacting customer services should remedy the situation.

How is Apcopay different from other e-wallets?

Apcopay process over 100 different currencies which can make it easier to use for people who are located in countries other than the UK. They place huge value on the prevention of fraud and maintaining their PCI compliance, so users can be confident in providing their details. Each movement of funds is tracked from the originating source to the final settlement destination, a practice which also helps to minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Does Apcopay have any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

Yes, depending on the kind of payment method used to deposit or withdraw funds, a fee could be incurred. However, people will only be notified of the exact amounts when they open an account.

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What are the main pros with Apcopay?

They are a well-established service with a global reach.

A range of payment methods are accepted.

The onsite security is excellent.

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What are the main cons with Apcopay?

They provide very little information on their website.

Opening an account is unnecessarily complex.

Support is currently available in English only. Hopefully they add more language over time.

How to get an Apcopay account

Anyone can set up an account by visiting the company’s homepage and requesting more information. They will get in touch to request a range of personal and also financial details, which can then be used to load up the account with funds. As they have a strict verification process, it is unlikely the e-wallet will be up and running immediately. The standard wait time is two to three days.

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