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American Express black American Express, also known as Amex, is a big name in electronic banking. The company has a long history of reliability and customer satisfaction in financial transactions. AMEX focuses on issuing and processing credit cards and charge to individuals, small businesses and corporate consumers. AMEX has gained popularity in the US and all over the world due to their reward perks, including cashback, reward points and travel perks. The popularity and increased accessibility of the card have made it possible for the mass market and younger people to use the card. People have also adopted it as a choice for new online casino deposits, especially for players who wish to use credit cards.
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Why is American Express Useful?

You are right if you think that most people prefer AMEX cards in online gambling due to the ease of gambling, but there are many other reasons. AMEX is acceptable in a considerable number of online casinos, and the number continues to grow. The acceptability is very important because most of the players like to have accounts in different online gambling sites. Having an AMEX card enables them to use a single deposit method for all the platforms. Another reason is that American Express has high-security standards, and this gives players some confidence when they use it in their online gambling activities. AMEX invests a lot in security and also ensures that all transactions are protected using reliable encryption technology. Stopwatch 6 seconds

How quick is it to Deposit?

One of the primary reasons why most people choose American Express for their gambling activities is their fast transfers. Most of the American express deposits to online casinos are instants, meaning you won’t have to wait for hours before playing your favourite games. For AMEX withdrawals from the platform, you can get your money within 48 hours, given that the site has to process and approve the transaction before releasing the payment.

Is American Express Safe?

AMEX has built a reputation in trustworthiness and security. The company has set high-security standards with the use of the latest data encryption, SSL and software security protocols. Users can be sure that their details and funds remain safe and secure because the security systems block third parties from accessing their data. The company also takes pride in its reputation and will never collaborate with any unscrupulous entities. Having a bookie that accepts AMEX is also a confirmation to the customer that the Site is a legitimate business and not a scam.

Is AMEX Anonymous?

People looking for anonymity should look for another method as AMEX cards do not allow anonymity in any form or shape. This is typical to all card transactions because of the user details and card number.

Is there an Age Limit?

The age limit for gambling can differ from country to country, but most of the gambling sites also display their acceptable age for players. In Europe, the acceptable age for all types of gambling is 18 years. AMEXs will also issue their cards only to consumers above the age of 18 years on matter their region of residence.

Common Reasons Why My American Express is Declined

Not Acceptable: AMEX transactions cannot work if the online casino does not accept AMEX deposits. No money: You cannot make a transaction if your American Express card is empty or the balance is below the required amount. Wrong CVV: A dealer always needs the CVV number to prevent card fraud. A wrong CVV cannot work because it is interlinked with the card number, meaning every card number has its CVV. Blocked: Blocked cards do not accept deposits or withdrawals. Unusual transactions: A transaction may be getting rejected if it does not meet some of the security requirements set by the platform.

What is the Difference from Using Other Payments methods For Online Casinos?

There are a lot of payment methods available for an online transaction — with each providing its unique benefits. Most online casino players prefer using American Express cards because they offer fast deposit and withdrawal speeds compared to the other methods. American Express is also easy to use and does not charge for deposits made. Green, positive arrow

Main Pros with American Express

One of the primary advantages of AMEX is that it is a trusted form of payment. The card is also rated highly all over the world. American Express invests a lot is user security to ensure that their funds and personal information is safe from third parties.
Another benefit of using American Express for new casinos online is the fairly fast deposit and withdrawal speeds. Fast speeds eliminated the time wasted as you wait for the funds to reflect in your account or to the bank account after a withdrawal.
American Express is also known for its outstanding reward programs for its users. Players using AMEX for deposits win from both sides, as some Casinos also offer exclusive bonuses for players using AMEX as the deposit method.
Last but not least, Player using American Express enjoy the benefit of higher deposit limits than most of the payment methods. Higher limits mean you can take advantage of easy wins and earn more. Red, negative arrow

Main Cons with American Express

The biggest problem with using AMEX is that they are not accepted as a mode of deposit and payment in most of the online casinos. Players should first check whether the bookie accepts the American Express card before they create an account. Some of the casinos may accept the card for deposits, but it may be difficult to withdraw funds using AMEX because of the UIGEA complications in the United States; the company’s home country.
Players in Europe are also in a disadvantaged position because the card is not popular in the region. The card users may not have an all-round use card because most of the stores won’t accept the card, meaning you can only use the card solely for online transactions.
Another disadvantage is that there is no anonymity when using the card for gambling purposes. Card payments show the personal details of the user, such as the name, which is not favourable for people who want to conceal their gambling activities.

How can I Get the American Express Card?

You can apply for the Amex online by filling a simple card application form. There is a variety of cards to choose from according to your needs and preferences. American Express will do the background check and approve instantly.
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