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One of the most critical aspects of online gambling is the payment option. The payment platform you select determines whether you receive your winnings on time, or you have to wait for ages before you receive the cash. If you are an avid gambler that’s looking for a more elaborate banking option, then you need to go through this review to find out the benefits that you can enjoy if you enroll with Adyen.
Adyen traces it’s foundation roots back to 2006 when Pieter Van Dier Foes and Arnout Schuijf sat together and came up with this idea. Over the years, this banking platform has achieved several milestones, such as acquiring numerous operations licenses within various countries and integrating risk management tools into their operations.

Most other banking options present themselves as single entities, meaning that when you choose to them, you only get one payment solution. With Adyen, however, it means that you get an array of banking options to choose from. Adyen is an umbrella organization that hosts several banking platforms under one roof. So, in case you have numerous online banking options, there is no need to go back and forth, trying to pick the one that favors your transactions the most. One of the perks of using Adyen when gambling is the luxury of accessing multiple payment provisions at a go. Some of these include: Visa, Maestro, Boleto, IDEAL, ING, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Sepa Direct Debit, Wechat Pay, Alipay and Google pay, etc.

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How quick cashouts can be done with Adyen?

How fast you receive your cash is dependent on each institution’s policies. As such, it will take at least a few minutes but sometimes up to one hour or even a few days if it’s from a credit card before the withdrawal request is completed. Aside from the fact that you will gain access to many banking options at one go, you also enjoy the following benefits.

Unlimited withdrawal possibilities
Most gambling sites, as well as banks, set limits to their gamers regarding the amount of money they can withdraw per month. And in most cases, banks are the ones that offer a lower threshold when it comes to cashing out. If you opt for Adyen, however, you can maneuver between one banking option to the other without a fuss. In case you surpass your limit in one financial institution, you can move to another one and continue cashing out. This means you can collectively enjoy your winnings sooner than you would have if you used one platform to withdraw.
Confroms to the highest security standards

Online banking requires a high level of security to ensure that your account is not manipulated by unauthorized personnel. Adyen uses peer p2p security options, which means that the data you key in is encrypted in a secret language, that hackers cannot decipher easily. As such, you can move cash in and out of the account without the fear of any intrusion.
Easy to set up

In three easy steps, you can have your Adyen account and begin wagering. You only have to fill in a registration form on their website, integrate into a live account, configure the live account, and you are good to go.

Quick accessibility
In case you choose a banking option only to discover that it is experiencing a breakdown, you can quickly move to the next platform within the Adyen umbrella.
Available in several European countries

If you are a gamer that likes to travel a lot, then you are in luck since Adyen is available in over 21 nations worldwide. What this means for an avid player is that they do not have to wait until they get back to their home country before accessing their funds. And in case you visit a region that does not accept a particular payment platform, you have several others to pick and use to wire funds into and out of your favorite online casino. Some of the countries that support Adyen include:
• China
• UK
• Canada
• Australia
• Italy

Round the clock support
Whenever you experience any problem with this banking option, you can contact the support team, which is always available 24/7. You can reach them via email or give them a call. And in case you need to speak face to face to one of the support team or managers, you can visit any of their offices worldwide for further deliberations. Whether you are in Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Mexico, or even London, you can locate their offices within these areas and find help from their trusted employees. For an elaborate list of more locations where Adyen’s offices are, take a look at their official website.

In a Nutshell
Adyen offers a variety of payment methods for online gamblers. As such, gamers do not have to wait for months on end before receiving their money. Best of all, it is secure and is available in several jurisdictions around the globe. However, gamers will receive their funds at varying intervals depending on what banking platform the ascribe to.

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