10 best songs for casino lovers

There are many great songs in all different genres and here, New Casinos Online collected and ranked the best songs for any casino lovers. See our top list of the best casino songs 4 you below.
Elvis Viva Las Vegas

The Gambler

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is popular with both country music lovers and ordinary listeners. It is an all-time country hit written by Don Schiltz and one of the few mainstream songs with gambling lingo. The song narrates the experience of a singer who encountered an experienced gambler on a train trip. The experienced hand requested a taste of his whisky in exchange for some gambling tips. The song features several nuggets for the discerning gambler to pick up. Online casino players will identify with lines such as ‘you’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.’ You can sing along with the chorus while playing.

Viva Las Vegas

Written in the 1970s by composers Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman Viva Las Vegas became an instant gambling anthem when it was performed by rock n roll legend Elvis Presley. The song covers virtually everything that makes gambling so glamorous including mentions of popular games such as roulette and blackjack. It also appreciates the nightlife appreciating the beautiful women and partying all night. Other gems include ‘one-armed bandits’ which is slang for gambling machines. The song was so successful that it became part of the theme songs of almost every casino in Vegas. It is still one of the most popular songs for gamblers and you can listen to it while playing at a new online casino from 2020.

Kate Perry Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas is a tribute to the fast life on Vegas that can make even the most experienced gamblers lose their mind. Released by Katy Perry in 2009, the song was an instant hit with pop music fans. However, apart from the great vocals, it tells a riveting story of a young couple that is trying to understand how the previous night unravelled. The song covers all things that happen during hard partying and gambling including blackouts, making marriage vows in a drunken stupor and making wild bets. The song captures the essence of the phrase ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ It is one of those songs with gambling lyrics that help you lose yourself while playing at a new site like Nitro Casino.

Aces of Spades

If you are into heavy metal, then you probably know this classic by Motorhead. Other music fans may have problems figuring out what the singers are saying but the lyrics are very on point if you are a gambler. The song is laced with gambling phrases like ‘the dead man’s hand again and pushing up the ate.’ Even though the tone may sound rather nonchalant to the avid gambler, it is still a great song to listen to when you want to inject energy into your gambling session.

Guy with pokerface wearing sunglasses

Poker Face

Most Lady Gaga songs are loaded with sexual innuendo and this one is no different. The song tries to relate Lady Gaga’s experience with a lover to the game of poker. Apart from the captivating vocals and beats, you will find gems such as the importance of luck and intuition in playing card games. She also mentions gambling lingo such as ‘hold’em up.’ You can listen to this chart-topping hit while playing James Bond at your favourite casino. The song is as refreshing as it was when it first hit the airwaves in 2009.

Good Run of Bad Luck

This country hit was done by Clink Black in 1994. It is a love song that explains a lover’s experience using gambling language. It is one of the classic songs with gambling lyrics including references to chips, high rollers and betting on a losing card. It also mentions important gambling lingo such as lady luck and the gambler’s favourite phrase of third time charm. It is the theme song in Maverick and features footage from the film in the official video. It is a great song to cheer you up when you are on a losing run and feel like you have been dealt a losing card.

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

If your losing run has not ended, then you could do with another song composed for unlucky casino lovers. This classic by the O.A.R band uses great beats and instruments to deliver a powerful gambling message. It tells the story of a man who loses all his bets even after trying his luck at different tables. His fate is not helped by the fact that he is heavily intoxicated. Poker lovers will identify with the numerous references to gambling terms such as the full house and the royal flush.

King and Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Country music fans may be familiar with this 1981 classic by Juice Newton. The song topped country and pop music charts for several weeks due to its unique tune and card-themed lyrics. The song uses metaphors alluding to the singer playing with the queen of hearts even though she knows it is not smart to do that. Other poker themed lines include a mention of the joker and its ability to help players out of tricky situations. The essence of this song is that lovers do stupid things repeatedly even though they know they will get hurt. You can listen to this song while playing James Bond in an online casino and experience the truism in the message firsthand.

Diamond Jack

Most fans of pop music in the UK will easily identify this 1977 classic by Wishbone Ash. The song is full of gambling wisdom that applies to high stakes poker. It features great vocals, instruments and lyrics that appeal to the astute gambler. The lyrics include a tribute to the ace of hearts, which every gambler covets. The song also mentions the odds and how gamblers have to know their chances of winning when upping their stakes.

The stranger

The stranger is a popular hit by folk legend and recording poet Leonard Cohen. As you would expect of a poet, Cohen includes several gambling allusions in the lyrics such as mentions of poker. Even though the song covers several other themes such as drugs and love, it will still appeal to the cultured gambler with its soft lyrics. Look out for gems such as picking a joker left by an opponent only to find that it is not worth much among others even as you play the song in the background. There is also a movie on Netflix called The Stranger.

Sting Singing Shape of My Heart

Shape of my Heart

Shape of My Heart is a classic love song released by the Sting in 1993. The song is rich in gambling metaphors especially allusions to poker. The theme of the song is a poker player who is not bothered by the outcomes of the games he plays. He is more interested in understanding how gambling works and the hidden laws that determine a player’s chances of winning. With every stake and game, he learns something new and ends up concluding that each set of cards has a hidden meaning. It is a great song to listen to if only for the mysteries it attempts to reveal.


Desperado is a song by the Eagles about a man who hopes to escape from solitude by being dealt a lucky card in love. It has several allusions to poker including lyrics about drawing the queen of diamonds or betting on the queen of hearts. It is one of the songs for gamblers that you should add to your playlist.

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